David F. Johnston – World Renowned Expert on Approach

David Johnston - Jumps (USA) Vault coach and creator of the checkmark system for vault and long jump. Master of approach development and stride length / velocity management, stride development for hurdles, pole vault, and horizontal jumps. He is the current Saudi Arabian national vault coach.



Mr. Johnston was a collegiate All-American in Track and Field. He competed as a decathlete, hurdler, long jumper and relay-ist from 1971 to 1975. He was the coach of several Olympic and World-Class Track and Field athletes, including the 1984 Silver Medalist in the Pole Vault (Mike Tully 19’2”), the Canadian Olympian and National record holder in the Pole Vault, NCAA All- Americans in the men’s and women’s Javelin (Raul Bradstock – 299’-11” British Olympian), Decathlon, Triple Jump (NCAA fourth and sixth at 54’), Long Jump and Pole Vault. He specializes in; Selection of talent, SPEED, power, strength and conditioning. Getting athletes to the event (game) healthy and ready to compete is one of his specialties