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Archimedes AB Calculus - Links and Fun Stuff

Math Manipulatives, Tutorials & Lessons

Stewart Textbook Site
TEC access, HW hints, Practice Quizzes
and more.
Math TV
Video lessons - just pick a
topic from the menu on the left!
Calculus Vodcasts
We will use this site or follow similar
 notes in our class - use for repetition!
MIT - Calculus 18.01 Open Course
Videos, notes, assignments, etc.
Full access to a one-variable calc course. - Calculus & Precalc Videos
Choose from a huge  list of topics.
Very helpful! 
KhanAcademy Calculus Videos
Playlist 103 - YouTube
Summer Harvard Calc 1 Course
YouTube Channel of hour long lessons
A College Calculus Course
Good source of notes
and another perspective
Houston Univ - Calculus Site
Videos and notes on a  list of topics.
Access to previous AP Exam questions.
Wolfram Math World - Calculus
"the world's largest
math resource site"
Helps you solve your calculus
problems.  Use it for good, not evil!
Slideshow of Sample Shell Problems
More helpful visuals
on volumes of revolution.
Hippocampus Video Tutorials
also available in Spanish!
A Clearinghouse of Calc Pages
All the links and resources
are here.
Calculus Revisited - MIT Video Course
A Calc review course for engineers
From the 1970's - useful nostalgia!
Quick Math
Helps you solve problems.
Use this site for good, not evil!
Trig Wave Graph Tool
Investigate and review
this essential topic.
Lots of practice.
Some free, some not.
Math Bits - TI-89 Help Page
In addition to your calculator
manual, this site may help! 
Ms. Hardtke's Trig Review Slideshow
You are responsible to review & be
prepared for a test on this essential topic. 
Dave's Short Course in Trig
Select the topic you need to review. 
  A complete review of trig.
 Intro to Fractals
Use the secret word "Fract" to  open
the answer boxes. 
Is infinity greater than infinity?
Interesting article discussing
countable infinite sets. 
Brain Pop
Lots of Matth Applications
Some are free, some are not.
Notes from a Calc 1 Course
Navigable lecture notes from a
Lamar Univ - Course taught by Paul Dawkins
Volume by Disk Demo
 Volume by Washers Demo
Volume by Cross-Section Demo 
Volume by Shells Animation
A helpful
visual for a key topic
Slope Field Calculator
Alamos Arizona Schools
Slope Field Applet
Lawrenceville Schools
More Applets for Calculus
Use these applets to investigate
  and discover calculus
Over 6 Dozen Applets for Calculus
Lots of applets to investigate
  and discover calculus

Puzzle and Brain Teasers

Cut the Knot Website
So much math fun,
 so little time!
Let's Make A Deal
Probability problem:
stick or switch with your choice to win?
Lots of Games at Cut the Knot
Can you find time to play them all?
How many can you win?
Towers of Hanoi
One of the most famous
math puzzles ever!
Solution to Towers of Hanoi
Don't cheat.
Try the puzzle before looking here!
More on the Solution to Towers
Yes, there is
a lot to learn from puzzles.
Fibonacci Sequence Puzzles
You will enjoy the puzzles
and you'll learn something too.
Wolfram's Recreational Math
Contents Page to select from
Puzzles, entertainment, math humor
Fifteen Puzzles
Just for fun.  Can you
reorder them? 

Ms. Hardtke's Favorite Math History Site

St. Andrews U-MacTutor
Reliable and very complete
source of math history.
St. Andrews Math Posters
A picture is worh
how many words?
Mathematical Quotes
 Listen to
the experts

Optical Illusion Sites - Just for fun & curiousity

Sandlot Science - Illusions
You'll never have time
for so many optical illusions.
More Optical Illusions
These examples have interesting
explanations included.
Color Cube Illusion Website
Nicely indexed.  An interesting
and colorful selection.
Professor Akiyoshi's Illusion Page
Lots of very
colorful examples.
Fun Illusions at NIEHS Page
 Cool Illusions
Ms. Hardtke's Toughest Illusion
This one took me a lot of time!
Can you see the HIDDEN tiger?
Grab Your Glasses...
Info and links about opticial illusions.
Smart Glasses Illusions Site
More fun opticial illusions. 

Geometer's Sketchpad & Visual Geometry Resources

JavaSketches Gallery
Web applets similar
to using Geometer's Sketchpad
Advanced Sketchpad Gallery
GSP files you can download.
Lots of 3-D demos, for example.
Exploring Trig with Sketchpad
Open this GSP file
 to study trig functions.

YouTube Calculus Videos

Calculus Teaching Videos - Search for any topic!
Calculus in 20 Minutes-Part 1
Calculus in 20 Minutes-Part2
Using Chain Rule Advanced Example
Differentiate & Integrate on the TI-89
(sound isn't great, but effective)
Using TI-89 tables for trapezoidal,  endpt & midpt rule
100 Things You Didn't Know About Sports
Calculus Student Video Projects
Newton, Pillar of Culture - words from his greatest work
Who Invented Calculus? - Was it Al Gore?
Stand & Deliver - Movie Scene
What is Calc & Who Needs It?
- a good student intro
Newton vs. Leibniz - good research plus a duel
Newton vs. Leibniz, 1/2 star - Listed as "my hilarious project" but??
Calculus Songs - There are many, many more!
I Will Derive - Nice visuals on velocity & slope.
Math Theatre music videos - a professional troupe
Click on
Calculus Song at this school's media site.
Gottfried Leibniz - A lovely duet of AB Calc stuff.
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Calculus - (Fergie/Glamorous)
Mathmaticious - (Fergie/Fergalicious)
Dream Team - (Tree of Calculus Student Project-Todd Beamer HS)
Calculus History
BBC -10 minute video- Fermat, Newton, etc.

Teacher: Carol Hardtke
Marquette University High School
3401 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI  53073

E-mail Ms. Hardtke   

If I have seen farther, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.

-Sir Isaac Newton

If you would be a real seeker after truth, you must at least once in your life doubt, as far as possible, all things.

Discourse de la Methode

Additional Websites (Mainly for Teacher Use)
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AP Calculus BC Notes and Handouts
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The links above were recommended in blog entry on:
How to study for BC Calc independently while taking AB Calc

Mathematics Research Projects
Linn McMullin's Calculus Teacher Notes Website
- free and useful sample problems
Interact Math - Pick a textbook and take practice exercises
AP Calculus List Serve

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